Blueberry Picking

We had so much fun strawberry picking that we returned to the same farm for blueberry picking two weekends ago.  The berries were tasty and plentiful, and we had a great time.  Baby C got dirtier than he’s probably ever been in his life 🙂

DSC_9013 DSC_9014We made a rookie berry picking mistake, however…we forgot to ask ahead of time whether they charged by weight or by volume.  We paid for our strawberries by the pound (and they were cheap!), so we figured it would be the same for the blueberries.  We filled six quarts but didn’t top them off to avoid spillage.  Turns out, they cost $2.99/pt which means we spent nearly $36 for our blueberries.  Yikes.  Those are grocery store prices!  When we got home, just to prove a point, we divided one of the quarts amongst all the others.  As you can see, we paid for six quarts but really only had five quarts worth of blueberries.  Lesson learned.

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1 Response to Blueberry Picking

  1. LFFL says:

    The blueberries look delicious!

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