Garden Update

A quick update on the garden.

My tomato plants are huge, but the cherokee purples only have 2-3 green tomatoes each and the pink brandywine has none.  All have lots of flowers though.

I’m waiting for the spinach and sugar snap pea plants to dry out so I can harvest the seeds.

My zucchini plants are growing quickly, but all of the blooms have fallen off so far.  I read that this is normal.

My broccoli plants are getting taller but don’t look to be producing anything.  I just learned that broccoli is a cool season plant, so I should have planted it early in the spring with the peas.  Maybe it will hold on for the fall?

No raspberries yet, but my blueberries are doing well.  We are picking a few everyday from the Northern Patriot High Bush.

My carrots are a big disappointment.  My dad pulled a few of his and they were 3-4 inches long.  Mine are 3-4 cm long 🙂  I wonder if I planted too many seeds too close together?



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