Garden 2013

A lot is going on in the garden this year, and I’m fairly pleased with our progress.  We moved into our current house last June, so all we managed to plant last year was a few tomato plants.  This year we installed our two 6′ x 2′ garden boxes.





I began in late March by direct seeding the last of my sugar snap pea seeds.  These seeds were 3 years old, so I wasn’t sure if they would sprout.  Fortunately about a third of the seeds came up, and they were doing well until a ground hog decimated them a few weeks ago.  I have a few surviving plants with flowers, so we may yet get some peas.  I hope so because I want to save the seeds for next year.  The peas are so easy to grow and very prolific.


In late April I direct seeded lettuce, kale, spinach and carrots.  The lettuce was doing well until the ground hog incident.  Fortunately, the spinach and carrots escaped the assault unscathed.  My spinach is starting to go to seed, and I hope to save some of the seeds for next year as my original seeds are getting old.  My blue dwarf kale was a disappointment again, so I think I’m done with it.

In late May I planted three heirloom tomato plants (2 Cherokee Purples and 1 Pink Brandywine), a Bounty Sweet Banana Pepper plant and an Orient Express Eggplant plant.  All are doing well.  My tomato plants are huge, and a few little green tomatoes are starting to appear.  We have an eggplant that is about 4″ long, as well as a tiny banana pepper.


In early June I picked up 4 broccoli plants (also ravaged by the groundhog, but they appear to be coming back), a cherry tomato plant, 2 zucchini plants, and a green pepper plant.

DSC_8634The plants I’m most excited about are our new berry bushes!  We have a heritage raspberry bush and two blueberry bushes.  I can’t wait to pick berries in my backyard.  I also have two strawberry plants in a container.


Heritage Raspberry, Chandler Blueberry, Patriot Northern Highbush Blueberry


We have fortified our garden boxes with more substantial fencing in an effort to keep the groundhogs out (there are at least a mama and 4 babies living on our neighbor’s back hillside). I’m really hoping for a bountiful harvest this year, and I will be sooo disappointed if the groundhogs (or other pests) ruins our hard work.

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