Checking In

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I last posted.  Life has gotten crazy.  A few updates:

Adoption – we met the expectant parents on April 21.  The meeting went really well, and they seem like great people.  She’s not due until Monday, but we’ve been waiting on pins and needles for the last week expecting a phone call at any moment.

Knitting – I’m currently knitting two teddy bears – one for the baby and one for the parents.  I’m almost done with the first, and I’ll definitely post pictures when it’s ready.

Moving – as if the adoption doesn’t add enough stress to our lives, we’ve decided to move.  This is actually a really great thing because it accompanies our recent decision to stay in Pittsburgh long term.  So we are moving out of this dilapidated rental and moving into a house we already own.  We’ve been painting like crazy the past week and half, and the house is looking really good.  It’s exciting to think about raising our child in our own home.

Garden – I think this year is going to be a bust.  My peas and spinach are growing great, but I don’t think we can transplant them to the new house when we move next month.  The tomato seeds I saved from last year sprouted great in my seed pots, but they have stopped growing.  Our current house just doesn’t get enough sun.  Instead we bought three heirloom tomato plants that we will plant at the new house in a week or two.  If they grow well, we will save the seeds and try again next year.  Otherwise, we aren’t going to do too much with the garden at the new house yet.  We don’t have a big yard, so I want to give some thought to the best use of the space.

Hopefully, next time I check in it will be to announce that we are parents 🙂

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