First Sprouts

The weather has been so gorgeous lately!  It’s really motivated me to get started with my garden.  Last fall I saved some seeds from our San Marzano and Brandywine tomatoes, and mid-last week I planted them in homemade seed pots.  I’m happy to report that I came home to tiny green sprouts today!

To create the seed pots, I simply cut cardboard wrapping paper rolls into 2-3″ sections and placed them in a baking dish.  I filled each little pot with soil, added a few seeds and lightly watered.  I covered the entire dish with plastic wrap to create a terrarium effect and kept it out of direct sunlight.  Now that I have little sprouts, I removed the plastic wrap and will place them in the sun each day.  This is a challenge because our house gets very little natural light.  The shade is great for keeping the house cool in the summer, but it doesn’t do much for my gardening efforts.  Fortunately, with the weather so nice right now, I can set the dish outside during the day.

On Sunday, I cleaned out the raised beds, re-erected our makeshift garden fence and planted sugar snap peas (2 squares; 9/square), lettuce (4 squares; 9/square), spinach (2 squares; 12/square)  and kale (2 squares; 2/square).  I found conflicting information on whether kale should be started indoors or direct seeded in the garden, so I did both.  We’ll see which set does better.

P.S.  I think I have moldy kombucha again 😦

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