Easy Ways to be More “Green” at the Office

Lately I’ve been trying to be less wasteful at work.  For some reason, I’m just not as conscientious as I am at home.  Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by others who don’t think twice about printing out every email they receive or purchasing lunch in styrofoam containers.

Photo by Plutor

The usual tips for going green at the office include packing a lunch instead of getting take-out, bringing coffee from home in a reusable mug and printing fewer documents.  These are great ideas, but I’ve been trying to take it a bit further.  Here are my tips:

  1. Keep a set of silverware in your desk drawer.  If you happen to forget your lunch or are otherwise forced (e.g. group lunch) to get something to-go, you can at least avoid the disposable plastic utensils.
  2. Keep a few cloth napkins at your desk.  You can use these as napkins, as dish towels or as pot holders (if you prefer to heat your lunch in the toaster oven rather than the microwave).  At the end of the week, take them home to wash and bring them back on Monday.
  3. When you must print, set up your printer to print on both sides of the paper and/or to print two pages on one side.  Depending on the capabilities of your printer (and your ability to read fine print), you can fit four pages onto a single sheet.

What ways have you found to be “greener” at work?

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