Annoyed With Whole Foods

I don’t shop much at Whole Foods as I find most items very expensive and my local store is inconveniently located.  However, one thing I love about Whole Foods is the bulk bins.  The wall of dried beans, nuts, and coconut flakes always makes me smile.

Photo by bcmom

Usually I use my cloth produce bags to purchase dry goods from the bins.  This past weekend, all of my bags were in the laundry, so I decided to take a few mason jars with me.  Once I arrived at the store, I headed to the customer service desk to have my jars weighed.  However, I was informed that Whole Foods has no way to tare the jars and so the weight of the jars would be included in the price of the goods.  The guy “helpfully” suggested that I could use the plastic bags provided, check-out, dump the goods into my jars and then recycle the bags.  What?!  If I wanted to use plastic, I would just buy a prepackaged bag of beans and not bother driving across town to Whole Foods.  Given Whole Foods’ supposed commitment to the environment, I was taken aback by the lack of a system for using reusable containers.  Is it just my store that has this problem?  Has anyone been able to successfully use glass jars at Whole Foods?

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3 Responses to Annoyed With Whole Foods

  1. Judy says:

    I had the exact same trouble just today. They told me that per their corporate office they can no longer allow customers to use glass jars for sanitation reasons at any WF stores, although cloth bags are okay. How cloth is more sanitary than glass they could not explain! I am getting really fedup with them as well since it seems they are more talk than action when it comes to sustainability issues. Maybe if their offices were bombarded with emails or phone calls it might help?

  2. Judy says:

    Yeah, and even more disappointing was my call to the corporate office. After being switched around a few times (and they kept telling me to call my local store, which is no use because I already talked to the manager at my local store and they said it was a corporate dictate) they told me no one was available to help me, and that I should try emailing…….. ugh! They really don’t seem to want to be bothered about it.

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