Pulling The Plug On Cable

No more Food Network, Bravo or HGTV.  No more DVR.  No more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Top Chef.  As of Friday night, we no longer have premium cable.  We had intended to cancel cable all together, but oddly enough, it’s cheaper to have internet + basic cable rather than just internet.  We cut our bill from over $120/month to just over $60/month.  That’s pretty significant.  I immediately increased our savings auto-transfer amount to account for this extra money.

For those times when we want to watch something together, we have an Amazon Prime account (free because we are both in school) which allows us to stream certain movies and TV shows at no cost, and we currently have a free month with Netflix’s streaming service.  So far, we’ve been a bit disappointed with the selection offered by both of these services.  Maybe it’s for the best though because I’m really hoping that this change will prompt both of us to spend more time reading and pursuing our hobbies.

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