Chocolate Wednesday

J and I had so much fun tonight.  What did we do?  We chocolate-dipped everything edible we could find in the kitchen — almonds, dates, almond stuffed dates, peanuts, raisins, pretzels, oreos, coconut and…BACON!  I know the bacon/chocolate combo is old news these days, but it was fun to do it ourselves.  J had actually never chocolate-dipped anything, so it was fun to introduce him to what I hope will become a Christmas season tradition.  I’m taking a huge plate of goodies into the office tomorrow, and the rest will probably go to our Christmas eve dinner at Mama K’s house.

Tomorrow our sugar fest will expand to include our very first gingerbread house!  I made the dough last night, and we cut out and baked the pieces tonight.  Tomorrow we will decorate it.  We made a few extra pieces just in case things go awry during the assembly.

Obviously, I’ve tossed healthy eating out the window lately.  Although I did substitute brussels tops for some of the pasta in our pasta in cream sauce tonight.  I feel slightly better about myself now.

Overall I’m just in a really great mood today.  I love the Christmas season, and I’m looking forward to a week off of work next week.  Also, we had our homestudy meeting this morning.  Everything went well, and it feels like we are finally on our way to having a baby!

Our next step is to put together our profile.  Birthparents use the profiles to choose the adoptive family that will raise their child, so it’s really important!  We’ve been taking pictures of us doing all the fun things we usually do so that we can give the birthparents a sense of what our life is like.

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