Sauerkraut Results

As I posted about all the way back in October, I made my first batch of homemade sauerkraut this year using a local cabbage from the farmer’s market.  Sauerkraut is fairly easy to make, but the fermentation process take a few weeks.  The jar of water, salt and cabbage sat on my counter for about six weeks before I moved it to the fridge for long term storage.

My final product is quite salty but still edible.  I was really worried about not using enough salt and having the cabbage spoil, and I think I over did it.  Due to the saltiness it works better as a condiment than a side dish, and I’ve been enjoying a scoop a few times a week with my morning eggs.

This was my second attempt to lacto-ferment a vegetable, and this round turned out much better than the first.  I definitely plan to make more.




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