Street Food Saturday

I woke up cranky and with a headache today.  For some reason, I jumped out of bed at 7:15 am thinking it was a work day and I was late.  Totally started the day on the wrong foot.  I didn’t want to go to my knitting class, and I was in no mood to do my schoolwork.  Since we went out to dinner on Thursday (before our meeting with an adoption agency — we found a winner!), we had not planned to go out again this weekend given our informal rule to only eat out once a week.  I was content to be grumpy on the couch all day, but my sweet husband forced me to get out of the house for lunch.  Some times you have to relax the rules a bit, you know?

I’m so glad we did — we dubbed today “Street Food Saturday”!  Here in Pittsburgh, we have a great section of town called the Strip District.  It’s an old warehousing neighborhood that still sells wholesale produce, kitschy Pittsburgh stuff and tons of food.  The area is packed on Saturdays.  We decided to eat our way through the Strip, just buying a little bit of anything that caught our collective eye.  First stop — Chinese.  We shared a fantastic shrimp/pork eggroll ($2).  I don’t usually eat shrimp or pork, but it was huge, greasy and tasty.  Second stop — Mexican.  We shared two chicken tacos on housemade corn tortillas with sour cream, cheese and spicy guacamole ($5).  Third stop — Lebanese.  We shared a huge gyro ($6).  Again, lamb is a meat I usually don’t eat, but I was being adventurous today.  We finished up with an amazing chocolate-dipped macaroon ($1.50) and a chai tea latte ($3.50).  For less than $20, we had a great lunch!  On our way back to the car, we picked up a few bottles of kombucha.

Speaking of kombucha…our starter has been rehydrating for almost a month now, and there is some definite action going on inside the jar.  The mother SCOBY is floating near the bottom of the jar, and the baby SCOBY is starting to form on the surface of the liquid.  I can’t wait until we can brew our first batch!

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