The Journey Begins…

The adoption journey, that is.  After 19 long months of trying to conceive unsuccessfully, we have decided to begin the process of domestic infant adoption.  We’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and we started getting serious about the research a few weeks ago.  I’ve checked out the websites of countless agencies, and we’ve met with three.  We have more or less chosen an agency, but we have one more meeting this week before we make a final decision.  We are praying that this will be a quick process, but we also know it could take years.

I’m working on getting to a better place mentally and emotionally, and I think this is a very positive step.  This is such an intensely personal and painful issue that I’ve had a hard time talking about it.  We only told our families a few months ago, and we just recently started letting friends know what we are going through.  When faced with the inevitable questions about when we are going to have kids, I hope that it is easier to say “we are adopting” rather than “we are trying and it’s not working”.

I plan to blog about this process, both to keep a record and to work on expressing my feelings.  For some reason, it can be easier to talk to internet strangers than family and close friends.

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