The Big Chop

Keri Russell

I’ve always loved Keri Russell’s hair.  When I feel like flattering myself, I like to think of her as my “hair twin”.  I was so impressed when she had the guts to cut all of her hair off back in her Felicity days.  Although the rest of America apparently disagreed (her show took a huge ratings hit and was eventually cancelled), I thought she looked great.  After ten years of thinking about it, I finally took the plunge.  I just turned 30, and it was just time.  Yesterday morning I had really long, really curly hair.  Today I have really SHORT, really curly hair.  My stylist lopped off nearly 12 inches!

I have plenty of hair to donate, so I now I need to decide which organization I should send it to.  Locks of LovePantene’s Beautiful Lengths?  Any other suggestions?

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