Plants are in the ground

Since we are pretty sure that there will not be any more frosts, we decided to go ahead and put all of our plants in the garden beds.  I used the Gardner’s Supply Company’s garden planning tool to lay-out the garden ahead of time.  I wish I could figure out how to post my diagram.  Each 6×2 bed contains 12 square foot plots.  In the first bed, we have 2 peas (planted a few weeks ago and growing well!), 2 cucumbers, a pole bean and a bush bean on one end, and 6 tomatoes on the other end.  The second bed contains two more tomatoes and 4 peppers on one end, and a mix of herbs — basil (2), cilantro (2), dill, green onion — on the other end.  All of the herbs, as well as the beans and cucumbers, we planted from seed.  We obtained the tomato and pepper plants from a local nursery.  This is all a big experiment for us, so we are excited to see the results.  Crossing my fingers that everything grows 🙂

On another note, I need to post about my ongoing craft projects.  I just started knitting a shawl this morning, and I’m still working on my sweater.  I also have started sewing an easy skirt, but I need to swing by Mama K’s to get additional instructions.

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